EU VAT webinar replay

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Thanks for checking out the webinar replay for our EU VAT for Digital Products Replay.  You’ll find lots of useful links below outlining everything that we know so far.  As always, make sure you do the right checks for your business.

Don’t allow the VAT MOSS fiasco to deter you from selling digital products – it’s still a great way to make money in your business, it just requires that you think about it and put a few systems in place to make it work for you.

Julie’s Slides

EU VAT Webinar Slides

Full webinar chat here

Here are some other useful links for you…

Women Unlimited Article on EU VAT

Annabel Kaye is holding another VAT MOSS webinar tomorrow at 10:00

Click here to find out more about her webinar

Links to Annabel’s websites are:

Here are some links from Rosie Slosek

Nadia Finer

About Nadia

Hannah Bananas Article

Technical Options

Woo Commerce Plugin:

Pay Hip:

Ithemes: VAT Plugin

Sarah Arrow’s post on Membership plugins:

Easy Digital Downloads: Simple shopping cart for digital products

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