MEP24: Getting productive for dis-organised people

December 4, 2014
Grace Marshall Productivity

This week, I had a great time talking with Grace Marshall about the strategies you can use as a micro-entrepreneur, to help you become more productive, more focussed and happier with your choices.  Grace has lots of great tips to share, so if you are not naturally organised, listen in.

This week’s guest

Grace Marshall is head coach and chief encourager at Grace-Marshall.com and author of the Amazon bestselling 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time. She is also a Productivity Ninja with Think Productive one of the UK’s leading productivity training companies. Grace admits she’s not a naturally organized person. Her passion for productivity began when she got fed up saying “I haven’t got enough time.” With two young children herself, Grace has a particular passion for helping busy time-jugglers find ways of getting things done with less stress, less overwhelm, more fun, enjoyment and fulfilment. You can get her free guide to overcoming overwhelm here.

What we covered in the show:

  • Intro with my top tips for productivity
    • time boxing and chunking
    • asking if the task is necessary to your business and ask who is it serving?
    • having a ‘no meetings policy’ unless it serves your agenda
    • using public announcement for accountability
    • setting boundaries

And then on to Grace with:

  • Aligning your focus, passion and energy, and managing your mindset
  • Getting started when you’re feeling overwhelmed
    • using brain dumps
    • deciding what needs your focus – what you can park – what do you need to let go of?
    • creating space and ‘choosing’ vs feeling ‘you have to’
    • understanding your own values
  • Some things you may think aren’t productive actually are!
    • regenerating, thinking time, re-strategizing
  • Recognizing the ‘guilt’ factor and how in large doses it disempowers and distracts you
    • time is your friend not your enemy
    • have a TaDa! list not a ToDo list
    • making magic doesn’t always take a lot of time
  • Reference to the apps todoist.com  pocket.com
  • Being mindful and having strategies to improve your ‘state’ and energy levels
  • Starting with the hardest tasks first and earmarking the most important task for the week
  • Having a weekly review, making proactive decisions, knowing what makes you ‘your best’ you
  • Managing a ‘multiple-ideas’ personality
  • Motivating yourself with a ‘champagne moments’ folder<%2
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