MEP23: Leaving the corporate world and starting a business

November 27, 2014
Wendy Kerr, Corporate Crossovers

This week, I had a blast talking with Wendy Kerr – Business Coach, Mentor and a Corporate Crossover. Wendy and I talked about lots of things including; understanding the value of the service you are offering, understanding your ‘internal operating system’ and how to shift your thinking and how to make the transition from corporate to being a business owner.

Wendy is a published Author and has a wealth of experience and knowledge around what it takes to build a successful micro business.  She is the founder of Corporate Crossovers and the Accelerator Academy.

This week’s guest

Wendy is passionate about changing the way work works. She’s on a mission to fuel 10,000 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love! With a 20-year career in multi-national blue chip organisations, she’s specialised in creating and launching new businesses around the world.

Wendy’s business experience includes:

  • Starting a digital content business in London, expanding it globally and acquiring 3 media companies
  • General Manager of FT.com personal finance, leading the business and team of 120 through the dot-com crash and restructuring it for profitability
  • Starting an online share trading site in Australia and listing it on the Australian stock exchange, raising $70 million at the start of the first dot-com boom in the ‘90s

Wendy left a corporate career to create a successful 6 figure coaching and consulting business, running it from London and Tokyo. She’s worked with leaders of high growth, global technology companies in challenging times of expansion and change, including Expedia, IBM, and Betfair.

Wendy has coached, mentored and fuelled over 1,500 women to create a business that allows them to live the life they love!

Her company, Corporate Crossovers, enables women wherever they are in their journey, to leave their job and start a business successfully, providing them with structure, tools, processes and one-on-one mentoring. She has a vibrant and dynamic community of Corporate Crossovers around the world who are focused on creating the life they want.

What we covered in the show:

  • A brief introductory comment about a great article on procrastination – by Tim Urban
  • What it takes to leave corporate life
  • What it takes to create a successful business
  • Why networking is so important to get clients in the early stages of setting up – think of it as a bit like ‘dating’
  • Following up on conversations with a ‘how can I help’ service mindset
  • Understanding the value of the service you are offering
  • Understanding your ‘internal operating system’ and how to shift your thinking
  • The challenges of moving from corporate life to your own enterprise
  • How your identity becomes reinvented
  • Why you need to update your ‘success criteria’
  • Planning your business with a sense of calm, control and simplicity
  • How your business will help you achieve your lifestyle goals
  • Reference to Michael Gerber’s E-Myth
  • The power of focus

You can find out more about Wendy here



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